Professional Window Cleaning In Preston

The Water Fed Pole System is a revolution in window cleaning. No dirty cloths, buckets of water or ladders are used and most important no chemicals.

The Water Fed Pole (WFP) system cleans windows and PVC to an extremely high standard. The water is purified to Grade A 100% pure H20. With the water being so pure no detergent is need to clean. The pole fed brush has small water spouts which allow water to be released in conjunction with the brush to allow all dirt & detergent build up to be effectively removed for windows and PVC.

There are many benefits from using the system for both the customer and environment:

  • We do not use ladders therefore no damage will be caused to grass, plants or your property
  • As we do not use chemicals the system is environmentally friendly
  • Your windows will stay cleaner for longer as detergent causes a layer of build up which actually attracts dirt and residue
  • Windows will be 100% streak free
  • Increased privacy
  • Hard to reach windows eg above conservatory can be cleaned easily
  • Window cleaning
  • Commercial window cleaning
  • Residential & commercial window cleaning/pvc/fascia soffit/gutter cleaning in Preston
  • uPVC cleaning

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